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Hi everyone, It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re here. Welcome, Maddy! In the last issue, I was pon
Unfragile Thyself

Unfragile Thyself

October 12 · Issue #17 · View online
Brief reflections on five experiences

Hi everyone,
It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re here. Welcome, Maddy! In the last issue, I was pondering whether or not I can keep my life’s rhythm. Then I broke my rhythm and went three weeks without publishing this newsletter.
While I’m thinking about that, you can read below about my haircut, a robot doing Parkour, the Call to Prayer in my neighborhood, the Emir of Kuwait, and good news for foreigners.

Haircut 💇‍♂️
I got my first haircut in Kuwait. It was not a Great Clips experience.
Tod's receding hairline enjoys the sound of scissors cutting.
Here they give men full shaves, facial and scalp massages, and steam treatments. When I was in the barber shop, all the chairs held men but nobody talked. It was quiet except for the whirl of face steamers, scraping of blades over beards, and the snipping of scissors. Not wanting to upset this calm, when an open chair came up I just pointed to my head and sat down. Fortunately, my barber did not shoot steam on my face or slap my scalp. But without any verbal explanation from me, he did give me a fantastic haircut.
Parkour 🤖
I find Atlas the robot doing Parkour fascinating and creepy. You?
Call to Prayer 🕌
Call to Prayer | on SoundCloud
This week I learned the Emir of Kuwait is Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. (Yes, I should have learned that a long time ago.) What I want to learn next is why is there photo of him hanging on a wall in every building in Kuwait.
The Emir of Kuwait (middle), the Crown Prince (left) and another honorable man appear in this montage.
Usually we see an 8x10 photo of the Emir and the Crown Prince together on an interior wall, but this unusually large image hangs on an exterior wall of the Blind Association building which is across the street from my apartment building. Also, there is another man in it. I’ll let you know what I learn about all of this.
What do they think of us? 🐜
Foreigners get good news in my neighborhood.

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Curious about Kuwait? If so, let me know. I’ll look into it and report my findings here.
Watch your bobber! And remember to vote!

🛎️ Next on Unfragile Thyself, Tod and Tatiana figure out how to cast an absentee ballot.
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