Joined a slow chat 🐢, worked on my coffee nap 🛌, and more...

This week I joined a slow chat, worked on my coffee nap, learned a new word, listened to a local band
Unfragile Thyself

Unfragile Thyself

June 2 · Issue #2 · View online
Brief reflections on five experiences

This week I joined a slow chat, worked on my coffee nap, learned a new word, listened to a local band, and saw my son dance in a Quinceañera.

Slow Chat 🐢
As part of the onboarding process at my new school, American International School Kuwait, the school hosted a slow chat on Twitter, an asynchronous chat that takes place over a designated time. The incoming teachers asked questions and returning teachers answered them. Each tweet included the hashtag #AISQ8chat. Participants following that hashtag could then see all the related tweets.
Q1A. I'm looking forward to learning more about AIS from all of you in person. I'm also looking forward to feeling displaced in Kuwait. And I'm eager to go fast and break things with the design team. #AISQ8chat
Coffee Nap 🛌
I feel great after a coffee nap. When I’m feeling a little tired in the afternoon, I drink a cup of coffee and then find my favorite spot on the sofa for quick nap. (This week I’ve been trying the day bed. Also great.) It takes about 30 minutes for the caffeine of that coffee to kick in. By the time it does, the energy gained from the nap and the caffeine from that coffee combine to give me a turbo boost of energy. You can learn more about the science behind this and more from Dan Pink.
Pinkcast 2.15: This is when you should drink coffee. | Daniel H. Pink
Local Band 🎧
Are you listening to Wild Child? Late to the show, I just discovered this Austin band a few weeks ago. I can’t stop listening to their new album, Expectations. I’m going to enter my name for free tickets see them at Austin City Limits on June 21.
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New Word 🧠
This week I learned about an apostille.
An apostille is a document attached to either a foreign document or a US document that “certifies” the document for international use. (It is a French word for “certification”)
To get our work visas for Kuwait, we need to have our marriage certificate and Gabriel’s birth certificate authenticated by the state of Minnesota and then by the Department of State at the federal level. I’ve never had to do this before––not for work in Colombia, Venezuela, or China––so I’m enjoying the new experience. Let’s see if the certificates get the right stamps and seals and whatnot. Stay tuned…
La Quinceñera 🎂
My son, Gabriel, has been friends with Cristina since they were nine years old. Last night Cristina celebrated her Quinceañera. Part birthday party, part rite of passage, it’s a formal celebration of a girl turning 15, leaving behind her childhood to become a woman.
Cristina asked Gabo to be part of her chambelan, her court of honor.
Gabo spins Cristina at her Quinceañera.
Gabo spins Cristina at her Quinceañera.
Cristina dances with her chambelan.
After the chambelan danced with Cristina, the floor opened for guests to dance. In a circle, I’ve learned, is the way we do it in Austin.
Most of the night, everyone dances in a circle.
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