Rent our home 🏠 tips for vagabonders 🗺️ questions 🙋 life ☠️ becoming redundant ✂️

Hi, I hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer. This week our home went on the rental market
Unfragile Thyself

Unfragile Thyself

July 28 · Issue #10 · View online
Brief reflections on five experiences

I hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer.
This week our home went on the rental market, I switched to ebooks, considered questions, reflected on living days well, and enjoyed a man’s lamenting over becoming redundant and replaced.
Days to departure = 21

Rent our home 🏠
Fully furnished and fabulous, our home went on the market this week!
This attractive dining/livingroom screams, "Rent me!"
This attractive dining/livingroom screams, "Rent me!"
Having lived here just 11 months, we want to continue eating dinner at that table, watching movies on that soft sofa, and enjoying our lovely neighborhood. We will miss all of that and more, especially after we settle in to our smallish two-bedroom apartment in a high rise building in Kuwait City.
Tips for vagabonders 🗺️
Get yourself an ebook reader. Printed books are a pleasure to read and hold. However, they are expensive to transport, ship, and store when you move around a lot especially overseas. An ebook reader can solve all of those problems. I had contemplated buying a Kindle Oasis for months and finally bought one on sale last week. I’ve been reading on it this week and I just love it.
Learn more at The Best Ebook Reader.
Using questions to improve 🙋
I’m striving to be a better husband, father, and teacher by asking more questions. I found this article helpful. What do you think of it?
Harvard Study Reveals That One Word Is The Secret to Being Likable And Emotionally Intelligent |
Memento mori ☠️
A young bird flew flew into my office window, fell to the ground, and died.
This bird died seconds after flying into my window.
This bird died seconds after flying into my window.
This young bird woke up to a beautiful morning. At dawn it decided to fly at full speed into what must have appeared to be a big hole in a brick wall. I would have done that myself, in my youth. In fact, I did take such risks many times. Looking back, I wonder why I’m still alive. These days I take fewer risks, but I know, like this bird, at any given moment I could fly into a window at full speed so I strive to make the most out of every day.
Redundant and replaced ✂️
I want to prepare my students for work, but I don’t know what their future looks like. And I fear that I might prepare them for a world where they find their skills redundant and themselves replaced. Listen to this guy’s story to see what I mean.
The Singing Loins - Please Take My Scissors Away

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