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Hi, I hope all is well. It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re here. This week I thought about school
Unfragile Thyself

Unfragile Thyself

September 11 · Issue #15 · View online
Brief reflections on five experiences

I hope all is well.
It’s good to see you. I’m glad you’re here. This week I thought about school and learning, saw a younger version of me, celebrated a new year, enjoyed new music, and a neighborhood restaurant.

This week I learned that the Kuwaiti government offers an incentive program that includes and all expenses paid university education anywhere in the world with a monthly living stipend bigger than my monthly salary. To receive this benefit, you must be Kuwaiti and have a GPA close to 4.0. Sounds great but there’s a drawback. It can cause students to strive for grades not learning and to do whatever it takes to get a high GPA. One example, an 11th grade student with relevant and meaningful learning experiences who is doing well but carrying a GPA that won’t qualify for the Kuwaiti incentive program tends to drop the challenging classes and add the sure fire GPA boosting classes. And I hear there are universities in the USA that will accept any Kuwaiti student with the right GPA regardless of the coursework completed.

If you want to think about school and learning, read A response to Prince EA’s viral video “What Is School For?” by the Modern Learners Team.
Flashback ⌛
Cris was visiting his parents the other day and his mother, Mary, gave him this photo.
Tod sits in the Derbis livingroom with what looks like an airplane ticket in his pocket.
Just look at that! I’m estimating this was 1989. Cris and I probably just spent our UofM tuition on flights to Cartagena, Colombia. Thanks, Mary!
Happy New Year! 🕌
Today we are celebrating the Islamic New Year. Everyone knew it was coming but nobody knew when. Based on a lunar calendar, officials had to see the phase of the moon to determine the day of the new year. Apparently, it has to be the last phase of the waning moon and science and math cannot be used to figure out when that phase occurs. It must be visible. Anyway, we have today (Tuesday) off from work.
Listening to 🎧
I’m listening to Weed Garden by Iron and Wine. It’s a 6-song EP that Gary and Brenda might enjoy as well.
Shawarma 🥙
Two blocks from our apartment and across the street from the school you can find Zad Teebah, the best place to get shawarma in our neighborhood.
He slices beef off a vertical rotisserie and rolls it into a shawarma for Gabo.
I always order the delicious salad, hummus that I can’t stop eating, and fried eggplant.

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Watch your bobber!

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