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Unfragile Thyself - Listened to Bahamas 🎧, sacrificed cool 💪, and more...

Hi, I hope all is well. I’m glad you’re here. This week I listened to Bahamas, sacrificed cool, affir

Unfragile Thyself

June 23 · Issue #5 · View online
Brief reflections on five experiences

I hope all is well. I’m glad you’re here.
This week I listened to Bahamas, sacrificed cool, affirmed my slacking off, wrote a user manual, and thought about the future.

Songs of summer 🎧
Pull up 💪
One of my goals this summer is to do a pull up. A strong guy at the gym suggested I try the Chin Assist to build up my muscles. He said it doesn’t look cool, but it will get me the results I want. I thought, “I haven’t looked cool in decades, so show me where that machine is.”
I use the Chin Assist to do some pull ups.
The machine counterbalances my weight. For example, if a 150 lb person selected a 50 lb setting, then that person would be lifting 100 lbs. Currently, I’m struggling to lift 35 lbs.
Active rest 🕑
To improve my work, I schedule coffee breaks. So I was smug while reading this affirmation in Wired, Why You Should Slack Off to Get Some Work Done, of my slacking off.

Now my coffee break isn’t just pouring a cup. I brew my coffee with an Aeropress. It’s a process that makes tasty coffee, gives me an opportunity to make something (not just pour), and time to chat with co-workers. I’m on a break but I’m not just parking my brain on YouTube. It’s an active rest that makes the next part of my work day better.
User manual 📃
When I begin a new job it takes time to figure out how to work with others and for them to figure out how to work with me. To help my new co-workers at American International School Kuwait understand of how I work, I created for them a Tod Baker User Manual. Note: It’s a draft.
Negotiate the future 📻
Episode 30: Stewart Brand | De-Extinction, The Whole Earth, & Way More

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